Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jesus and the Time Machine

This morning, as DH was getting dressed, I read today's Gospel to him. We began discussing the demoniacs, and I commented that it was interesting to note that the evil spirits always recognized Jesus as someone different. But the "ordinary" folk often dismissed him or ignored him. I said that He must have had some sort of aura (for lack of a better word). Something about him that set him apart... particularly noticeable to evil spirits and likely also to others who were "tuned in" (again, for lack of better words).

DH responded that if he had a time machine, he'd go there in a heartbeat: beginning of the 1st century AD, in and around Jerusalem, before you could snap your fingers. "I want to see Him. I want to see what He was really like. I want to talk to Him."

"Though, He'd probably give me a hard time," DH continued. "What are you doing here? What about your wife and kids? Why'd you leave the 21st century and come all the way back here?"

"Thomas asks to touch His hands and feet and for the next 20 centuries, is branded 'Doubting Thomas.' What do you think they'd say about you?" I laughed.

On the other hand, is there anyone else in the whole of human history I'd rather meet, given the chance?

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