Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 15

Happy August! I don't know about you, but where is the summer going?

Here's this week's roundup of gifts and graces from above:


Centering Prayer. I have so missed attending centering prayer at my parish. There is a small, dedicated group who meet twice a month, and I haven't been there since the end of May. But this morning, DH and I are starting our day with 20 minutes of silence in the Presence of our Lord. Could there be a greater blessing than this?


Good News from DH's Doctor. This past Monday, DH had a colonoscopy. He'd had some symptoms that had been concerning to us for a few weeks, and a visit to his primary doctor had resulted in this appointment. We were able, for the most part, to set aside our worries and enjoy our vacation last week. But the return home last Saturday, combined with the test prep on Sunday, brought the anxiety back.

The good news is that DH is fine. (Praise God!) Some polyps were removed and sent for testing, and he needs to make some dietary changes, but he is just fine. An awesome blessing!


An Organized School Room. This week saw me tearing apart, tossing out, recycling, donating, cleaning, dusting, and organizing our school room. I still have one big bookshelf and a game cabinet to go before I begin planning out the first few weeks of classes. BUT... and this is a really big BUT... that room is no longer a nightmare. It is pleasant, welcoming, and easy to use (for now, at least).

And the bonus blessing of the organization is the voluntary school work that's gone on this week. Princess, especially, has been really excited about the changes, and has taken the time to "teach" LilBro how to count to 100 (with a little help from me), and has worked with BigBro on some phonics lessons. So, even though my head is still deep in the middle of "summer," we are all slowly inching back into school mode.


Where and how have you seen His Hand this week?

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