Monday, August 17, 2009

Glimpses of our First Day

We started our day with yummy Cranberry-Blueberry muffins:

After my run, I walked into the family room to see that Princess had started without me:

We moved into the school room, and BigBro got right to work:

Princess and I went over her math, while LilBro worked puzzles in the living room (you can see him in the background):

A very satisfied 3 year old (he did it all himself!):

We are ready for lunch, and then a Back-to-School celebration with some of our friends, complete with these tasty and fun cupcakes!

A very successful start to our school year. May the rest of the year go as smoothly!


  1. Does that bottom one say 'amo' = Latin? If so, I may steal your idea. I'm a Latin teacher, among other things.

  2. Carrie,

    It does, in fact, say "amo." My older son is learning Latin. How COOL is it that you teach Latin?

    I had 4 years in high school, and absolutely loved it. We used Prima Latina last year for an introduction to the language. This year, we are starting with Latina Christiana 1. It's much more teacher-intensive (and therefore, for me, more fun). Prima Latina was mostly memorizing words, but it drove me crazy that he only learned the 1st person singular, so I taught him to conjugate anyway. :) Now, we're ahead already, and it's only day 1.

    Also, the cupcake 2 to the left of amo was for my Spiritual Director - who also teaches high school and therefore needed a back-to-school cupcake, too. It's Jn 11:27... St Martha being very dear to my heart these days.


  3. Ok, I knew I liked you! A Latin cupcake PLUS one for your SD!! I'm sure that you are as blessed by your SD as I am by mine. God is good.

    I've taught Latin using the Latin for Children series with junior high students, and Henle with high school. This year I will be using Orberg's Lingua Latina. Speaking of which, I should start prepping!