Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rainy Days and Half Birthdays

I woke this morning to thunderstorms, and tried to roll over and go back to sleep. Alas, DH (up late watching the Cardinals lose to the Dodgers), had to iron his clothes. Since there was no going back to sleep, I gave in and went to mass.

When I arrived home, shortly after 7, to a quiet, still-dark house, I decided then and there that I had no intentions of leaving the house today. In fact, if I could just crawl back into bed, that would be just fine.

Slowly, the boys woke up and joined me. We all commented that this was a perfect day to stay in our pjs, slow down and hang out. I adjusted our school workload for the day, and headed upstairs to pray. I ended up falling asleep.

Wakened shortly after 9 by BigBro with his religion book in hand, I gave up the dreamworld and came downstairs. Princess read to me, then got on the Starfall website for more early reading fun. BigBro and I worked through some fractions. There was lots of goofing off and daydreaming... things I usually try to keep to a minimum. The rain continued outside all day.

About 12:45, DH called and reminded me that today is BigBro's half-birthday. Cool. We usually make a little deal out of those. I checked the cabinets and started (surreptitiously) baking one layer of a cake and a dozen cupcakes.

At exactly 2:15 pm, when BigBro turned 7 1/2, the phone rang. I asked BigBro to answer it, knowing that it was DH. BigBro had forgotten the importance of the date, and was totally shocked to find that I had a half-birthday cake ready to frost.

Still in his pj's, he happily sat at the table and devoured a cupcake. The half-birthday cake will wait til Dad's home later.

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