Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol. 40


A Quiet Weekend and Quiet Week. Last weekend (unlike this weekend) was a quiet one, filled with family time, reading, and relaxation. This week was a fairly quiet week, filled with just our ordinary activities. After the busyness and craziness of the holidays, and then the adjustments back into Ordinary Time, it sure was a blessing to have 7 quiet days strung together.


Rediscovering Crocheting. A few weeks ago, I grabbed some old yarn and a crochet hook on my way out the door for an afternoon of sitting around as my kids participated in activities. In that afternoon, without a plan, I started a baby blanket (which I've since donated). The kids immediately started asking me to make them things. I now rarely leave the house without my bag of yarn and current project, and I am finding that I am so much calmer and more relaxed amidst the chaos... and that the time I spend sitting and waiting no longer feels "wasted." (Yes, I could read... I do, after all, own a Kindle... however, so often these waiting times are also a chance to chat with the other moms, and sticking my nose in a book is too antisocial for me). So, this weekend sees me completing BigBro's hat (in colors complementary to the one I finished for LilBro at the beginning of the week) and starting on matching scarves for them. I guess there's one blessing in all this cold weather: these new hats/scarves will get some wear this winter!


The Pinewood Derby. Last night was the Annual Pinewood Derby for BigBro's Cub Scout pack. This really is as good as it gets for 6-10 year old boys. This is their night. In addition, it was DH's first time running this event as Cubmaster. It was a fun night all around, and, again, I'm reminded what a blessing our parish community is to us: for the kids, for DH and for me.


Please join me in thanking God for your week full of blessings... not the least of which around here is a warm home to return to at night.

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