Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol.38


Getting Back to the Routine. After several weeks of holiday festivities and family time, it was nice to get back to our routine this week. School work got done. Chores and errands were completed. And life was back in order again... for a few days.


SNOW! The first measurable snowfall of the season happened on Wednesday night-Thursday morning. We had a friend over on Thursday. There was Snow Ice Cream, snowball fights, and baggies of snow have been tucked in the back of the freezer to be played with on some hot summer day. With no place to go, I got to enjoy this snowfall without dealing with the hassle of traveling in it. Another big blessing!


HEAT! The temperatures have hovered around zero (that's fahrenheit!) all week. It is MISERABLY cold outside. So, while the furnace never seems to rest and the front of my old, drafty house is cold and drafty, we are holing up in the family room, where it is warm and toasty. As I offer thanks for the blessings of heat and shelter, let me also offer prayers for those who lack both... particularly during this painful deep freeze.


How have you been blessed this week?

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