Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've been light on the blogging lately for several reasons. First, we're just busy. I keep waiting for the "slow" time of year to come around, but it never seems to make an appearance.

Second, and this is probably more to blame for my blog-quiet, is that I am re-thinking this blog. What is the purpose of it? Is it an electronic scrapbook of sorts... pictures and funny things the kids say? I mean, that's fine if that's what it is... but does that really interest anyone out there? (besides DH, that is).

Is this a place for me to explore my faith?

Is this a discipline, to keep me writing regularly, keep those muscles exercised?

Something else entirely?

Or some combination of them all?

Most importantly, does it even matter?


Bear with me, dear friends. I'll sort this out soon, I'm sure.

Until then, peace.


  1. Oh, oh, I hope you do keep writing! And praying. And writing about praying. :)

  2. Amen! If you feel a need to "rethink" it, or define it, I can support that---but I'll say this, what ever it is, not only am I interested, but constantly inpired, God bless ya! (and yes, the smiles are important, as well as the ah-ha's)

  3. Oh, my friends, THANK YOU! I didn't post this message looking for applause. I was actually trying to work out why I've been so reluctant to blog in the past weeks. But you both have touched me with your kind words.

    Humbly offering my thanks for your continued interest in my faith journey.

    God bless you, friends.