Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol. 43

Happy Lent!


Winter Break. This week, we took a break from our book work and had some fun. I've definitely needed some time to relax and enjoy my kids; this winter has been getting to me. We played, went swimming, visited with friends, celebrated Princess' birthday, and enjoyed a little extra time with DH... a blessing all around.


Music Lessons. A few months ago, an older gentleman from our parish approached me and offered to teach BigBro how to play the piano. I didn't know this man well, but he was a die-hard regular at 6:30 mass and a friend of Father's, and piano lessons have always been something on our "to do" list for the kids. In early January, he started coming to the house once a week. He spends at least a full hour with BigBro, teaching him music appreciation, voice and piano, as well as some important life skills (strong handshake, big smile, how to present yourself well). BigBro is quite taken with this man, and I have been so touched by his attention, his patience, and his genuine care for my son. Yesterday morning, after mass, he brought me to tears when he told me just how much he is enjoying getting to know my son, how happy he is to work with "such a great kid." All along, he's been blessing us with his presence and his skills. Who knew that we were perhaps blessing him at the same time? Thank you, Dear God, for the gift of this man in our lives.


Good Neighbors. We have wonderful neighbors who have "adopted" our kids as their grandkids. They make a fuss over the kids all the time, and love when we cross the street for a little visit. This week, they invited us over to celebrate Princess' birthday... complete with a pinata, cake, presents for Princess and treats for her brothers. While the kids played, DH and I caught up on all their news. Our children are blessed by three biological grandparents who love and dote on them... and by these two geographical "grandparents" who delight in them just as much as those connected by blood and marriage.


Where have you seen His Blessings in your life this week?

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  1. so many blessings for the Thankful Heart! God bless you for continuing to count your blessings---and reminding the rest of us!