Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Communion Overflow

BigBro is preparing to receive his first Holy Communion on May 1. We are reading Bible passages, discussing the parts of the mass, and watching videos on loan to us from the parish. There have been lots of questions, both practical and mystical, from BigBro and from Princess (who is right by his side for nearly all our religion lessons, and never misses out on a video during school hours).

BigBro is creating a scrapbook filled with short essays ("What is the Eucharist?" "Why is the Eucharist Important to Me?"), collages, pictures, and reflections. I am really proud of the effort and time he is putting into the project. It will make a nice keepsake for him in the future; it's a good "check" for me now, to make sure his catechesis is solid.

Today, BigBro read Jn. 6:1-15, the loaves and fishes story. We discussed how Jesus fed thousands when he walked on the earth. We discussed how he feeds millions today. Then, he drew a picture for his scrapbook.

A short time later, Princess walked into the room. She had created a short book entitled "I Love God." The book was filled with carefully drawn pictures depicting the various parts of the consecration (including the priest's genuflection) and the distribution of Holy Communion. I was awed and impressed by her care in these pictures and the understanding they represent.

I love homeschooling for so many reasons, but this reason tops them all: we all learn from each other, and from what each other is learning.

Me, most of all.

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