Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol. 46


Mother-Son Date Night. Last night, BigBro and I went out to dinner with our friend and her son, and then bowling. Kids vs. Moms. We slaughtered them without the bumpers, but lost miserably once the boys got bumpers on their turns. It was great. Lots of laughter, high-fives and fun; a great opportunity for me to stop and enjoy BigBro just as he is right now; and a HUGE improvement over last year's mother-son date night.


The Marian Girls. Thursday night this week, I ran the first meeting for the Marian medal I referenced here. The three young women who will be working on this award surprised me with their maturity, their composure, their willingness to share, and their enthusiasm for our shared prayer time. I am hoping and praying that this experience deepens their faith. I am certain it will deepen mine. What a blessing that I answered this call last summer.


The Flexibility of Homeschooling. This week, we got real spring-like weather for a few days. Wednesday morning, as I walked out of church at 7am, I breathed deeply. What a GORGEOUS day! Way too nice to spend inside. I went home and looked over the kids' planners. What was most important? Math and religion. As soon as we knocked out those two subjects, we headed outside... to ride bikes on the trail and to enjoy this glorious spring day. What a gift the day was... what a blessing to be able to enjoy it fully!


Please join me in offering praise for another blessing-filled week.

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