Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol. 53


BigBro's First Holy Communion. Today is a very special day for our son... the first time he gets to receive the Eucharist. We've been preparing him for this for months. He's so excited that he had trouble getting to sleep last night. His excitement boosts my faith, too. May he, and all the First Communicants, be strengthened in their faith this morning.


Family visiting. To help us celebrate BigBro's day, my cousin (Princess' godmother) and my parents came to town. I've been blessed with lots of extra help these past few days, and we're all blessed by the fellowship and fun. And lots of extra laughs and shared memories. What a great visit!


Our Parish's First Communion Celebrations. Our parish has really done a great job making this Sacrament special for the children. Last weekend, we had a First Communion retreat, a morning of prayer, baking bread, and fun for the children and their parents. Thursday night, after the kids' practice, there was a special, catered dinner for the First Communicants and their parents. It was such a special night... a short prayer service, yummy food, fellowship. This whole week, there have been special prayers and acknowledgments for our young people. What a wonderful blessing... to recognize and celebrate the importance of receiving this Sacrament for the first time.


Please join me, this morning, in offering praise and thanksgiving for our many blessings.

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