Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Thoughts

I don't usually do these Friday round-up posts, but I have 2 unfinished blog posts that require more time and attention before publishing, a bunch of random thoughts bouncing in my head, and a deep need to write. There's an "official" Friday Quick Takes at Conversion Diary. Feel free to head over there and read more organized thoughts than these.


Even though it feels like whining (probably because it is whining), I am getting very tired of people I care about leaving. I was still wallowing in the misery of Pastor's move when my dear friend told me yesterday that her move is imminent. Let me just say this: this "people I care about moving away" thing stinks... and it needs to stop. Now.


My first love is getting married in about 2 weeks. Ours was a college romance. It lasted only a school year, but messed with my heart so much that I never let another man get close to my heart for 4 years. Two years ago, I looked him up on the internet. We reconnected and have been emailing regularly ever since. I wish I could be there for his big day, but we have a family trip to see my parents scheduled at the same time. Still, it's so very cool to know that he's happy. (And he's gotten much better about taking unsolicited advice from me!).


T-ball season started this week. Princess and LilBro had simultaneous games on side-by-side fields. I spent the hour running back and forth between the games, trying not to miss an at-bat, yelling encouragment as I went, and chatting up the parents on the sidelines. I love t-ball season. It encompasses all that is good, holy, and just plain fun about my parish community.


I taught BigBro how to mow the lawn this week. He was looking for a way to earn some extra cash. DH and I weren't sure 8 was quite old enough, but figured we'd give it a try. I gave him a lecture on safety features, got him started, and followed along as he did most of the yard. I finally stepped away for the last patch of grass, which is when I snapped this picture. When all was said and done, he was proud of his effort, we were thrilled to have the chore done, and all agreed that our negotiated price was fair.

This morning, he noted that the grass will need mowing again soon... either Sunday or Monday. Cha-ching!


Earlier this week, DH and Princess were talking about how she could be anything she wants when she grows up. She thought about it, and then said that she'd like to be a priest, like Father. DH didn't tell her that was the one thing she couldn't be. He deferred that talk to me. (We don't call her his Princess for nothing!)

The next morning, she told me, somewhat shyly, that she was thinking she'd like to be a priest when she grows up. I took a deep breath, and then told her that, while she could do nearly anything she wanted, she would not be able to be a Catholic priest. "Why not?" she asked. "Well, the Catholic Church doesn't make women priests," I hoped the statement would suffice. "But, why, Mommy? I love Jesus, just like Father does. Why can't I be a priest, too?"

Well, to be honest, this is one of those areas for me where I am practicing quiet obedience, so the only answers I had were either snarky or "just because," neither of which seemed appropriate for my six year old's serious question.

So, I deferred. "You know what?" I told her. "That would be a perfect question to ask Father. I'm sure he could answer it much better than I can." (Note to self: be sure to give him a heads-up the question is coming).

What would you tell my six year old daughter, if she asked you this question?


We officially started our summer break this week. Instead of making a big deal about it, I just let it all slide. We were going to push through next week, but really, I'm burned out. The kids are burned out. We've more than completed our requirements for the year. It was time to call it done.

Not that we've had a quiet moment to revel in the "freedom" yet... but, soon, I hope!


You see, this is why I don't do these kinds of posts regularly. Not only is it bad for my Mommy-brain to write as disjointedly as I think, but I can never come up with 7 items.


Edited to add: I just remembered. I wanted to mention that last night I took BigBro to hear author Louis Sachar (famous for his award winning YA novel, Holes) speak at the library. BigBro got to ask him a question. He bought some of his books (with his mowing cash), and even met him during the book signing. I'd post the picture of BigBro and Mr. Sachar, but we are late for the Circus performance.

It was totally cool for me to watch my son confidently asking questions of a relatively famous person, chatting up the older kids in the audience, and shaking hands with him. I didn't meet a published author until I was in college. How awesome for my son to get to do this at 8.

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  1. I would praise her for loving Jesus as much as she does, and tell her how happy that makes Him. I would tell her that one of the differences that Jesus made boys with is the ability to become a priest if the Church says that they can. It is like how Jesus made girls with the ability to grow a baby in their belly if God approves. We do not know why Jesus has chosen to make some boys priests and some women mommies, but we know that whatever He makes, He makes to be good and beautiful... just like you, Princess!