Friday, June 25, 2010

The Blessing of a Break

I am going to be taking a break from blogging, and I wanted to post this last blessing before my break: the blessing of clarity through prayer and spiritual direction.

In the past three years, spiritual direction has brought me to, and through, places I'd never even imagined existed inside me. It's a journey, and I am so deeply grateful for the process, for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and for the patience, compassion and insight of my director. If you've ever considered spiritual direction, or think you might be interested in it, I highly encourage you to try it out.

As for the break: Yesterday, my director and I took a wonderful, long walk in the morning sunshine. Our conversation went in many directions, much more than usual. And there were many bullets that came from those conversations... hitting me squarely between the eyes and in the center of my chest.

This morning, I woke early and spent a long time in prayer. And I've come to the realization that I need to set aside the next month for quiet and contemplation... as much as is possible for a busy mother of 3. This means getting rid of the excess "noise" in my life, including blogging (mine and others).

So, dear friends, I thank you for walking alongside me on this journey. I may be back in August, depending on what, where and how God leads me through this break. I am still reachable by email, but even that will be less frequent, as I am going to be turning the computer off during the day, through this period of "quiet."

May God continue to shower you with blessings, and may you feel His Presence in your darker moments.



  1. Follow Him always Jen, wherever He may lead!

  2. A break is probably a good idea. I think that we can become too involved in writing our blogs and reading other blogs, that it takes time away from our friends and family. It can become an addiction. If you feel you are going thru withdrawl, spend some quality time with your husband. perhaps taking a walk with him in the morning sunshine.