Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol. 59


Being Home Again. We've done very little for the remainder of this week, after our long trip home from NC. Just the basics: laundry, groceries, bills, and lots of time at the pool. It's been a real blessing to ease back into home life slowly.


Pool Confidence. In the past few weeks, Princess has really taken off as a strong swimmer, BigBro has learned the crawl stroke, and LilBro has gone from terrified to swimming without flotation assistance (though he needs me close by... he's not very strong yet). What a joy it's been to watch the three of them developing more confidence and strength in the water. And... this week, Princess and LilBro braved the "big slide" at the pool. We have a new reason that we never get out of there on time. I'll take that blessing!


Air Travel. I am spending today traveling. It was a crazy idea, but the blessing of living in this amazing country made it possible. My sisters are throwing a surprise party for my dad in NJ today. A big crowd is planning to gather at their house... 1,000 miles from my home in St Louis. As much as I'd love for my whole family to be there, it's just not possible for us. But, I'm going, all the same. It's one crazy day (7:30 am flight from STL, 7:30 pm flight home), but Dad's worth it. And I thank God for the blessings of air travel and this great country, which make this crazy idea even possible.


Please join me in praising the Lord today; our lives are so deeply blessed!

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  1. That is quite a trip. I hope that your travels were safe.And that your dad was surprised.

    It sounds like we have a pool week coming up with all the heat predicted.