Saturday, February 12, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about words these days, about what we say, why we say it, and the impact we can have by combining a particular set of consonants and vowels in a particular way.

I am knee-deep in the preparation for a Lent-full of programming on the new translation of the mass. Words. Lex orandi lex credendi. The words we pray are the words we believe.

It's fascinating, in an anthropological sort of way, that one can get so attached to a particular arrangement of vowels and consonants. And yet, we do.

I think of the words I love to hear: I love you. Mom. Honey, I'm home. My love. And I think about the words I love but need to give up starting November 27: And also with you. I am not worthy to receive you.

What may simply be interesting from an outside-looking-in, anthropological way is a very different experience from the inside-out. Words matter. They matter precisely because of the ideas, the concepts, and the emotions they express.

I think of the very first time I told DH that I loved him. I can picture exactly where we were, exactly how he looked, what the lighting was at that time of the day. I remember the words he used when he asked me to marry him. And both times I stood before God to promise my life to DH, those words, I remember.

But, it's not just the intentionally life-changing words that matter. Even the little words make a difference. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but make a difference, they do.

As someone who talks quickly, who talks loud, and who talks a lot, I need to pay more attention to my words. I need to remember the importance and power they have. We can use words to build up or to tear down. We can use words to draw closer or to draw dividing lines.

God used His Word to reconcile us, to bring us back into one-ness with Him.

How am I using my words?

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