Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 2

This week has been filled with ever so many blessings, it will be difficult to pick just three. But I will try my best:


The blessing of a safe, warm, and wonderful week in Albuquerque with my great-Aunt Mary (who just turned 89), her son, their friend Father Hickman (aka Padre), and my dear friend from college days, Carrie. We last saw Aunt Mary 2 years ago, just before they moved to Albuquerque. Her health has been steadily declining for a long time, and I was certain that the last time I saw her would be the last time I saw her. It was a HUGE blessing to get to sit by her bed and hear the stories of life raising kids in the 1940s. Family is a good thing.


The weather. I am usually pretty easy-going about the weather. Rain doesn't cause me much fretting. But we had absolutely PERFECT weather every single day we were in the Southwest. We went to Santa Fe on Wednesday, and while it was a little cooler (it's about 2,000 feet higher than Albuquerque, which is already a mile high), it was clear, breezy and beautiful. On Thursday afternoon, we went for a hike in a canyon-desert just west of Albuquerque. It was 83 degrees and we were walking in the desert. And we were completely comfortable. I have to say that this very-low humidity thing is just wonderful (though we did go through a lot more lotion and chapstick!)


St. Christopher and our Guardian Angels. Today, as we were driving along Highway 40, at about 75 mph, about 30 miles east of Amarillo, TX, one of our tires blew out. At the time, we were surrounded (in front, on the right, and behind us) by tractor trailers. DH was trying to get over to stop at a gas station for a potty break, and suddenly had to fight to keep control of the car. We thought it was a big gust of wind. As we pulled onto the exit ramp, we heard the unmistakable sound of a flat tire. We pulled into the parking lot. AAA was called. Help was summoned. We learned of a service station 8 miles south, drove over there and had a new tire installed. The whole thing took 2 hours and cost about $30 (can you believe that deal!), and we spent the whole time cheerfully chatting, playing games, and offering prayers of gratitude for all of the angels and saints who were looking over us today.


Well, I am looking forward to getting home, unpacking, catching up on laundry/mail, and posting a recap or two on our week. Lots and lots of pictures to follow.

How have you been? How has God blessed you this past week?

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