Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lessons Learned

Ok, so the thing is over. It's been an unbelievable week in so very many ways.

First of all... The Thing: Now that my part is over (for the most part), I'll explain what it was. Without exactly intending to, DH submitted us as possible participants on a new reality t.v. show. Because his stadium basement is so unusual, it was a hook that brought a t.v. crew to our house this afternoon, to make a screen test of us. The crew seemed really excited about our performance, and now we wait to see if the producers will agree and choose us. DH and I are the least likely people on the planet to be on reality t.v. I can't stand the genre, and never watch it. But it was really important to DH, and so I went along with it.

And, along the way, I've learned a few things:

1) I really did mean it when I vowed to help DH achieve his dreams on that beautiful September day nine years ago. This is the first time that particular vow has been tested, and I'm happy to say that my love for him transcends my own selfishness.

2) Apparently I can actually keep a neat, clean house and still homeschool. (Of course, I don't think the yelling and frustration are worth the tradeoff. I'd bet any amount that the kids would agree).

3) If you've spent the past week scouring the house, and all morning on last-minute cleaning, and you have a film crew coming to your house in 1 hour, do not (and I mean, DO NOT) leave your children unattended while you shower and get dressed for said film crew. For some unknown reason, they will choose this time to pull out the playdough and start creating a mess of colored clay bits all over your freshly cleaned floors.

4) Prayer is your best friend. Lots and lots of prayer can help you get through anything. I was lucky enough to have a Spiritual Direction meeting (and Confession) last night. This morning, I took Father up on his open invitation to join him and the Deacon for morning prayer before mass. And I kept the Lord on my lips throughout the day, even pausing to pray evening prayer while the film crew was in the basement with DH. Prayer makes all the difference.

5) When all is said and done, most things... whether a few hours with a film crew or a few months parenting my niece... most things end up being a pixel in the entire bigscreen of our lives. If we do end up on network television for our 11 minutes of fame, that, too, will be just another pixel (and hopefully a not-so-embarrassing one at that)!

I'm sure there are more lessons, but I haven't slept well all week, and the adrenaline buzz is starting to wear off....


  1. You really must love your husband a lot!

  2. Carrie,

    I do.

    And he loves me, too.

    It's a good life.