Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Week Snippets

Oh my God, I am heartily grateful for, among other things:

  • warm, cloudless days

  • quick-growing grass

  • brother giggles and the "ding" of ball on bat

  • chocolate-rimmed smiles

  • one-on-one playdates, leaving me with only two at a time (and two is so much less than three)

  • teaching LilBro to play checkers

  • LilBro/Mom team crushing BigBro in a diehard checkers match

  • intricate chalk drawings on the driveway

  • building a circuit-board with BigBro and watching him create all sorts of neat experiments with it

  • baseball practice

  • five butterflies where there were chrysalides

  • socks and shorts replacing tights

  • friends/playdates in walking distance

  • ceiling fans whirring overhead once more

  • furnace resting

  • pollen-sneezes

  • to-do's crossed out

  • stilted reading suddenly flowing smoothly

  • bits of four-year-old-wisdom: two is not enough
    [works for oreos (him) or children (me)]

  • anticipating an eighth birthday

  • longer days and sweet-smelling nights

For these, and for all my blessings, I am truly grateful.

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